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Darling of the French left, Segolene Royal
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Centrist French presidential candidate Francois Bayrou
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Soccer fans in Warsaw, Poland, react during evening celebrations Wednesday, April 18, 2007, after they heard the announcement by UEFA president Michel Platini declaring that Poland and Ukraine will co-host the soccer 2012 European Championship
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French conservative presidential candidate Nicolas Sarkozy

Network Europe

How tense are relations between the EU and Poland?

If Europeans could vote in the French presidential elections - who would they be backing? -

Is Serbia ready to chair the Council of Europe?

And why artists around the world need help to safeguard their interests?


French Presidency – you decide

In France voters will hit the polls this Sunday and the large majority of the electorate is still undecided on who to support. However France’s neighbours have been closely following the French election campaign and it seems that Segolene Royal is their preferred president. Twice as many would prefer the French socialist presidential candidate, compared to her conservative rival Nicolas Sarkozy. That’s the results of a Harris Interactive survey for the Financial Times newspaper canvassing opinions in Germany, Italy, Spain and Britain. Admittedly its only an opinion poll....

Out of step? Brussels and Warsaw

EU-Polish relations have been somewhat strained of late. Poland was reluctant about the Berlin declaration marking the EU’s 50th birthday a few weeks ago. Poland has its doubts about a revived EU constitution - and it also recently vetoed talks between the EU and Russia on a new partnership programme. This week Polish Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski travelled to the European capital to avoid further damage.

Serbia steps up

Serbia, will soon take over the rotating presidency of the Council of Europe. But Serbia’s critics say the country isn’t fit to lead Europe’s foremost human rights body - certainly not without extraditing the indicted General Ratko Mladic. War crimes prosecutors in The Hague have criticized Belgrade for not cooperating in the hunt for Mladic, and the issue has long soured relations with the European Union.

Artistic Solidarity

Globalization is often used as a cover-all word for what’s wrong about the modern world. But as societies become more closely knit together - it’s easier to work out if life is really greener - or grayer on the other side...  The Federation of International Artists and Actors had one such look at conditions around the world and found that people working in the arts - usually considered to be an attractive industry - have to put up with miserable conditions and outright exploitation in many countries.  As Radio Sweden’s Azariah Kiros reports, the Federation is now working to help organize artists around the world - and to safeguard their interests. 

WW2 Nazi counterfeiting plan revealed

At this year’s Berlin Film Festival a new German film entitled ”Die Fälscher” - The Counterfeiter premiered. The film examines a little-known but fascinating episode in the Second World War. The Nazis had the amazing idea of causing the collapse of the American and British economies by flooding them with counterfeit banknotes. The Jewish printers who made the fake money survived the Holocaust. Adolf Burger was one of them.

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