Reinfeldt Welcomes Sarkozy Victory

Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt has welcomed Nicolas Sarkozy’s victory in the French presidential election and says in the choice between the center-right and the left, the French people chose the candidate with the clearest political vision.

The Conservative took 53 per cent of the vote in the second round on Sunday night, securing a clear victory over the Socialist candidate Segolene Royal.

Reinfeldt, who leads Sweden’s Conservative Moderate Party, says French politics are now entering a new generation and he hopes it means that France will implement much needed reforms, with a focus on jobs, the economy and welfare.

But Sweden’s opposition Social Democrat Party is not as optimistic and its international secretary, Ann Linde, says there is a big risk now that EU expansion will be halted. She says Sarkozy has flirted with ”xenophobic forces” by saying Turkey should have no place in the union.