Radio Sweden Monday

Iran’s Foreign Minister is met with protests on the streets and in several newspapers as he visits Sweden today.As part of Swedish Radio’s special focus on climate change this week our reporter Azariah Kiros finds out how individuals can make a difference.And later in the program we visit a special multi-media happening called ”One Festival - 2 Weeks in May.”

Closing Music: Eva Dahlgren ”Vem tänder stjärnorna”

Iran’s Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki is here for talks with his Swedish counter-part Carl Bildt and Deputy Prime Minster Maud Olofsson. On Swedish Radio Monday morning, presenter Patrik Peter asked Manouchehr Mottaki about several issues, first of all, if Iran is trying to make a nuclear weapon:

The United Nations’ third report on climate change says the problem can be tackled effectively and at a reasonable cost if there is a will to deal with the issue. So what is the interest among Swedes? Azariah Kiros has the story:

A Stockholm theater called ”Tribunalen” is known for presenting highly political plays – and these days, has invited in a number of actors and producers from different companies – as well as musicians, artists and film makers – to a multi-media happening called ”One Festival – 2 Weeks in May.” Bill Schiller reports from the festival: