Radio Sweden Monday

Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt arrives in the US for climate talks with President Bush.

We find out why more and more Swedes are suffering from hearing problems.

And debauchery and madness at Stockholm’s Opera House as Swedish singers perform the highly-acclaimed The Rake’s Progress.

Closing Music: Marija Šerifović, ”Destiny” (Molitva)

Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt has arrived in the United States for a round of meetings and talks, the central focus of which will be energy use and climate change. Mark Cummins has more:

More than one million people in Sweden are hard of hearing, and that figure looks set to climb even higher. While experts are still puzzling out exactly why there’s an upward trend, our reporter Gaby Katz looks behind the statistics of a new report:

The Royal Swedish Opera here in Stockholm has imported a highly-acclaimed British version of ”The Rake’s Progress” for its Swedish singers. The aim is to give the Swedish audiences an updated version of this story of a man selling his soul to the Devil without colliding with the memory of the version set up years ago by the giant of Swedish film and theater, Ingmar Bergman. Bill Schiller has the story: