Radio Sweden Tuesday

Sweden’s Defence minister says there’s no need for peacetime conscription, is this the beginning of the end for national service here?

We examine Swedish-US relations in the wake of the Prime Minister’s meeting with President Bush.

And one of Stockholm’s most famous landmark’s celebrates its 100th anniversary.

Closing Music: Shout Out Louds ”Tonight I Have to leave it”

Sweden’s Defence Minister says he thinks this country’s compulsory National Service should be only used in times of war. And if such a situation was to arise, he says women too should be conscripted. Gaby Katz has more:

Swedish Prime Minister Fredrick Reinfeldt kicked off a visit to the United States on Monday. On Tuesday he met President George Bush in Washington. On the agenda - cooperation and investment in environmental technology and the development of biofuels. But how significant is this invitation to the White House? Mark Cummins has the details:

One of Stockholm’s most famous landmarks is celebrating its 100th Anniversary this summer. What started as one man’s vision of a museum by ”the people, for the people” is now one of Stockholm’s most popular destinations. Juan Navas has more about the Nordic Museum: