Second Terror Suspect Deportation Reversed

The Swedish government has overturned an expulsion order against the second of two Egyptian terror suspects who were handed over to CIA agents and deported from Sweden in 2001.

The first expulsion order was overturned two months ago. The two men had been handed over to U.S. agents at Bromma Airport six years ago, after which they were sent back to Egypt and imprisoned on terrorism charges. Both men claim they were tortured.

Justice Department spokesman Markus Friberg said overturning the decision is a response to heavy criticism, adding that the expulsions ordered by the former Social Democratic government should not have taken place.

The Swedish Helsinki Committee for Human Rights welcomed the decision, but said Sweden still needs to pressure Egypt for a new trial for the man convicted of leading an outlawed group allegedly aiming to overthrow the Egyptian government.

The other man was released without trial in 2003. Both men have asked for damages and permanent residency in Sweden, but the released man’s residency application was rejected by the Swedish Migration Board last week.