Monday Edition

The anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats have now been welcomed into the debate arena. Politicians and council leaders are getting tips on how to deal with them.

Flower power goes imperial. The Japanese Emperor and Empress take part in the ongoing Carl von Linné celebrations.

And ”Fiction is no Joke” – an artistic blast at civil wars, atrocities and brutal regimes.

Closing Music: Markoolio, INGEN SOMMAR UTAN REGGAE

The far right Sweden Democrat party held its annual conference in Karlskrona over the weekend. While not so long ago, the event might not have made the headlines, these days the anti-immigrant party is big news. So much so, that the country’s politicians and council leaders are now not only engaging in debate with the party, they’re receiving tips on how to do it. Dave Russell has the story:

Sweden is marking the 300th anniversary of the birth of naturalist Carl von Linné’. There’s a Swedish royal presence throughout, but today the Japanese Emperor and Empress arrived to take part in the festivities. Mark Cummins can tell us more:

The new multi-media display at Stockholm’s prestigious Liljevalchs gallery, ”Fiction is no Joke”, is an artistic blast at civil wars, atrocities and brutal regimes. Bill Schiller takes a look: