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Linné 2007 Quiz Winners

Over the last month Radio Sweden has successively been asking you 6 strangely difficult questions on the life & times of Carl von Linné - or Carl Linnaeus as he’s also known around the world.

All the questions were mentioned on air and have been on our website Many of the answers were in our programmes and on our website - but for some of them, you needed to indulge in a little research!

Thank you for the big response!

Now before announcing the lucky winners - here are the questions and the correct answers to the questions:

Question 1: Carl von Linné is also known as Carl Linnaeus. What was the origin of his family name?

Now the answer was of course: LINDEN - Carl von Linné’s father chose the name when he registered to study at Uppsala university. He took the name because of the large Lind tree on the family farm.

Linnaeus is of course the latin version of that name. In Sweden, most people refer to the great botanist as Carl von Linné after he was made a noble by the Swedish King.

Question 2: Today, scientists estimate that there could be as many as 30 to 40 million individual species on this planet, the majority of which will never be mapped or named. How many species did Carl von Linné’s 12 edition Systema Naturae, encompass?

Systema Naturae was the core of the Carl von Linné’s work.

He continued to expand and elaborate his mighty system in ever new editions throughout his life.

The 12 pages of the first edition grew to 2,300 pages in the twelfth that was compiled between 1766-68, and encompassed 15,000 species. The answer we were looking for was 15000.

Question 3: On which journey did Linnaeus attempt to determine whether or not Noah’s ark had come to rest?

Well, Linné was a man of his times and strongly believed in creation as taught in the Christian Bible.

It was on his trip to Lapland in 1732, that the botanist wanted to investigate the question as to whether Noah’s ark had come to rest on the Åreskutan mountain peak in the province of Jämtland…

So the answer here was LAPPLAND

Question 4: How many ”Apostles” did Carl Von Linné send out on voyages of exploration?

Now, the apostles was the name given to Linne’s closest circle of pupils whom he sent out on pioneering journeys of exploration around the world.

From the Arctic Ocean to the South Pacific they braved untold perils, collecting and mapping species in the spirit of their mentor, some of them perishing as a result of their endeavours. All in all - there were 17.

Question 5: Which famous 16th century explorer was accompanied to the South Pacific by Linné’s apostle, Daniel Solander?

This was of course the famous a British explorer and navigator, James Cook Cook who made three voyages to the Pacific Ocean, achieving the first European contact with the eastern coastline of Australia, the Hawaiian Islands, and the first recorded circumnavigation and mapping of New Zealand.

Question 6: Which mythical creature did Linné believe was a ”missing link” between ”man and beast”?

Well, like many other geniuses, Linnaeus had a strong imaginative and speculative side to his brilliant mind.

His writings are littered with bizarre and entertaining theories and philosophies.

He believed in the mermaid as a missing link between man and beast, and expressed optimism about the chances of finding a specimen of this rare species to dissect.

Behind every great mind is a great imagination!

We had a lot of correct answers. We put them into a large bag and chose the winner:

Catherine Levine, Florida, USA 

We also asked you to send in you photos or drawings of plant animal or mineral to help us celebrate Carl von Linné 300th Birthday - and we got some great photos in over the past few weeks. But after our panel of judges looked at each of the originals they’ve chosen Arshad Jamil, Delaware, USA. Here’s the winning picture:

Arshad writes: ”Here is a picture of magnificent orchids I took while visiting Singapore Orchid Gardens!”

A big thank you to all who took time to send in their answers and their photos to us!

Look out for another competition coming up soon!

Some other photos of note:

Also from Arshad Jamil: ”Here is my picture of our Azaleas blooming in the fabulous Delaware spring!”

Bezazel Feraht ben Rabah in Algeria writes:

Here is a picture of some flowers in our region.


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