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A Cluster Bomb Unit used by Israeli warplanes during the 34-day long Hezbollah-Israeli war.
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Radio Sweden Thursday

Turbulent weather for SAS.

We re-visit a controversial story: Sweden’s stance on cluster bombs.

And we’ll be listening to jazz under the Nordic Lights, from violently passionate to soft and delicate.

Closing Music: The Poodles feat. Peter Stormare: SEVEN SEAS

Scandinavian Airlines has been experiencing turbulence lately.

We’re going to re-visit a controversial story now: the Swedish government’s policy on cluster bombs. This country has been accused of abandoning its promise to support a ban. But as Azariah Kiros reports, this country will stand behind a ban, but only if it does not include Sweden’s own version of the bomb.

Join Bill Schiller and two members of a jazz quartet. You can hear their notes, in southern Sweden but also recently at well-known Stockholm jazz club - introducing a Swede from the city of Malmö and a Dane from Copenhagen.

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