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Radio Sweden Monday

A turbulent start to the week for Scandinavian Airlines as it faced its fourth day in a row of striking cabin crew. 

We’ll also be meeting Pauline Naisibu.  The young Afro-Swede shares her experiences of prejudice and racism.

And curtains up for a new theatre in Stockholm!

Closing Music: E-Type TRUE BELIEVER

The Scandinavian Airlines System has cancelled most of its flights to and from Sweden for the fourth day in a row, as cabin crew strike over working hours and conditions. Thousands upon thousands of passengers have been affected, and analysts are warning the ongoing dispute could have serious consequences for the company. Tom McAlinden has the latest:

If you’re young and Afro-Swede, then that is a sure way to a life of disappointment and disillusionment in this country. That is the conclusion of a study of the life of dozens of young Afro-Swedes carried out by a group of researchers at three different universities. Twenty-two years old Pauline Naisibu shared her experiences with Radio Sweden’s Azariah Kiros:

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