Sweden Democrat rally

Rise in Support to Limit Immigrant Rights

A survey by the Swedish Integration Board suggests that one in four Swedes would consider voting for a political party that favoured restricting the rights of immigrants.

The poll also shows that the number of people who say they would definately consider supporting such a party, rising to 7.3 percent, from 5.7 percent in a similar survey last year.

Integration Board researcher José Alberto Diaz, suggests the change could partly be due to recent media debate about the anti-immigrant Sweden Democrat Party, making it more acceptable for people to express these sorts of political allegiances.

The number of those surveyed who strongly agreed that native Swedes should take precedence over immigrants on jobs, housing and benefits has risen to 14 percent from 12 percent last year.

Some 2,400 people aged between 16 and 78 took part in the poll, which was carried out between February and April.

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