Radio Sweden Thursday

A former Union official’s lost his legal battle after being fired from his job.

On the cards: legislation to combat online grooming. Experts go after sexual predators who target youngsters on the Net.

And after years in limbo, Sweden’s National Sports Museum has finally found a permanent home. Our reporter Bill Schiller takes us to the scene.

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A former union official has lost his legal battle after being sacked from his job as a train driver on Stockholm’s subway two years ago. His bosses said he’d threatened staff while openly criticising safety procedures, he said they were trying to scare the union into silence. But he still might not give up the fight yet...Mark Cummins has more:

To most people, the internet is a valuable tool providing a wealth of information at the click of a button. But the web revolution has a darker side, giving the opportunity for paedophiles to lure children to places where they can be sexually abused. Sweden is now considering legislation to combat online grooming, as Dave Russell tells us:

After several years in limbo, Sweden’s National Sports Museum has moved from temporary quarters to a permanent home. The themes range from the giant, popular sports movement to elite competition, women and men, veterans and kids, triumphs and scandals, today and yesterday. Radio Sweden’s Bill Schiller is on the scene: