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Why are human right activists in uproar in France?

How the “square root principle” is a point of contention in the EU

Is hand wrenching over Iran’s perceived nuclear plans distracting from Europe’s own nuclear re-armament?

A sex-education site splits sexologists and the public in the Netherlands

The Church of England takes on Sony  


France gets tough…

The newly-elected government of Nicolas Sarkozy confirmed this week that it was planning to restrict immigrant’s right to bring their family to live with them in France. Human right activists and the centre left opposition are in uproar.

Poland veto on EU voting-reform?

The intergovernmental conference set to work out the details of a new draft of the European constitution starts next week. Poland is hardening its position on voting rights – and warning member states that it won’t hesitate to use its veto power.

Smoke screen?

Stockholm’s International Peace Research says too much focus on the possible possession of nuclear weapons by Iran and North Korea has diverted attention from the development of a new generation of sophisticated nuclear weapons by three countries in Europe – Russia, France and the UK.


Dutch sex education website causes a flurry

A new website which explains sex - in graphic detail - to teenagers in the Netherlands has come in for both hefty criticism and loud applause. Some say it fills a niche between formal sex education at school and the pornography readily available elsewhere on the net. Others think the site is too explicit.

Anglicans take on Sony

The video game ”Resistance: Fall of Man”, pitches players against aliens in a fictional post-war Europe. But when someone realised that one of the scenes plays out in a detailed representation of Manchester Cathedral, rather than interplanetary war, Sony invoked the collective wrath of the Church of England.