Ingvald Eckerman with the underwater camera

WWII Soviet Sub Found

An amateur search team from Sweden has found a Russian World War 2 submarine in Swedish waters.

The vessel, which was discovered at a depth of 450 feet,  was sunk by the Finnish navy in 1942. Submarine SC 305 was first located last autumn with the help of advanced sonar, but only now has its identity been confirmed.

Search team member Björn Rosenlöf says that the search began after reading about the sinking in the Finnish war archive. With the help of a remote control underwater camera, Rosenlöf and his colleagues were able to identify the submarine in the waters off Grisslehamn, between Åland and Sweden.

The submarine was sunk in a dramatic sea battle with a Finnish U-boat on November the fifth 1942, with the loss of all 38 men on board.

The Russian vessel fired at a convoy but missed its target. In retaliation, a Finnish U-boat was dispatched from Mariehamn but missed the Russians with two torpedo strikes.

As the Russians attempted a rapid dive away from danger, the Finnish submarine rammed its enemy in what Rosenlöf describes as ”an extraordinary feat from the Finnish captain”.

As the site of SC 305 is a war grave, the search team has chosen not to reveal its exact location.

All information on the wreckage has been handed over to the Swedish military, and navy officials will now decide what is to become of the site.

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