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Environment Minister, Andreas Carlgren, and a new environmentally-friendly car
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Radio Sweden Wednesday

Following a Bosnian man’s claims that he has murdered up to ten people here, Swedish police officers take their investigation into organised crime to the Balkans.

Sales of environmentally-friendly cars have risen faster here recently than in any other EU country, we look at how the government’s encouraging Swedes to help cut emissions.

Football Hooliganism may be have been called the ”English disease”, but it has certainly infected the game in Sweden.

And as America celebrates Indpendence Day, we find out how its national sport, baseball, is played here in Sweden.

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In the US today, it’s Independence Day, and we’re going to be looking into the American National Pastime, baseball, and how it is played in Sweden. George Wood went out to the Stockholm baseball diamond and talked to veteran player and coach Robban Claesson:

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