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Sweden's Board of Migration
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Inside Sweden

A landmark decision by Sweden’s Migration Board now means that refugees to this country from the Iraq’s central and southern regions can be forced to return to their home country.

Are you looking for work? Well, the government is introducing a new scheme which targets new arrivals - with Swedish lessons attached.

Also, we meet the people behind a volunteer program providing medical aid to underground refugees and a group of young girls breaking barriers into the world of computers.

Closing Music. ”Cotton Eye Joe”, Rednex

Asylum-seekers from central and southern Iraq will no longer be allowed to stay in Sweden on grounds alone of the dangerous situation in the country. To able to stay, asylum-seekers will have to provide proof that they are personally threatened.

The situation there, cannot be described as a armed conflict - says the Migration Board. Nick Chipperfield talked to general director of the Migration Board, Dan Eliasson, and asked him what was behind the decision:

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