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Environment Minister Andreas Carlgren (second left) at Almedalen on Sunday
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Radio Sweden Monday

Almost everyone who’s anyone in Swedish politics gathers on the island of Gotland for the annual Almedalen week.

The scout movement turns 100 this year, we speak to members in Sweden on how they hope to cross cultural, religious and racial boundaries.

And half-fish, half-human figures and a wooden Madonna on an electric chair....Swedish sculptures cause a stir at a new exhibition here in the capital.

Closing Music: Anna Ternheim, ”A French Love”.

Throughout the week, many of Sweden’s politicians will gather on the island of Gotland for Almedalen, the pinnacle of the Swedish political calendar. Based around the Almedalen park in the city of Visby, speeches and debate dominate events as each party attempts to get its message across. The political jamboree is never short of controversy, and this year has already proved no different.

Crossing the boundaries of culture, religion and ethnicity - that’s the hope and goal of the Swedish Scout movement. Worldwide the organisation has some 38 million members, and in Sweden alone about 100,000. 2007 is a special year for the Scouts - celebrating the 100th Anniversary of their founding.

Juan Navas spoke to the Secretary General in Sweden Johan Strid to find out more:

130 Swedish sculptors have invaded the palace-like House of Art in downtown Stockholm – with both abstract and down-to earth subjects in metal, stone, wood, ceramic and glass.

As Radio Sweden’s Bill Schiller reports from the exhibition, some of the work is controversial, such as angry, half-fish-half-human figures, an alien skull in marble and a brightly-painted wooden Madonna -sitting on an electric chair.

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