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Radio Sweden Thursday

International peacekeeping - and why it fails. Human rights - fighting for a more humane society. And more beer to the people! What lobbyists and politicians are discussing on the Baltic island of Gotland.

”Absurd!” We find out what the Swedish Red Cross thinks of Sweden’s policy for Iraqi asylum seekers.

And crime victims revealed as criminals. Two high profile cases prompt shocking statistics.

Closing Music: Danny PLAY IT FOR THE GIRLS

The Swedish Migration Board tightened its policy for Iraqi asylum seekers - with Sweden’s highest immigration court ruling that those from central and southern Iraq will not be allowed to stay here if the country’s situation is their sole grounds for an asylum application.  Sweden has been the top European destination for Iraqi refugees and with condemnation levelled at the government from human rights organisations and a heated debate amongst Sweden’s political parties - our reporter Nick Chipperfield takes up the story.  Dan Eliasson is the general director of the Swedish Migration Board:

Cast your mind back to a couple of recent high profile crime cases here in Sweden.  The ongoing investigations have sparked some disturbing statistics.  Swedish television news reports that up to 10% of all reports filed to the police are fabricated.

Click here for our daily dose of Almedalen!  From human rights to beer ... we fill you in on what’s happening at the political event of the year, taking place on the Baltic Island of Gotland.

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