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Statue of Evert Taube in Stockholm's old town
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Evert Taube

Radio Sweden Monday

Today’s edition of the programme is bursting with music: we hear about one of Sweden’s best-known singer song-writers, Evert Taube, considered by many Swedes to be a cultural legend.

Then we take a lazy, sun-drenched trip out to an island in the Stockholm archipeligo, to take in some classic Swedish jazz, best played by the water’s edge.

Closing music: Lisa Miskovsky, ”Lady Stardust”

Swedish car and aerospace company Saab has come under fire in a report published by Amnesty International. One of Saab’s subsidiaries has been criticised by the human rights organisation for indirectly supplying a military dictatorship with arms. Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is subject to an international embargo which Amnesty says Saab would break if the deal goes through.

Radio Sweden’s Mark Cummins has more.

There are many famous Swedes - past and present - known the world over. Writers like Astrid Lindgren and August Strindberg. Actors such as Ingrid Bergman and Greta Garbo. The list goes on, and on. But many times we mention ”famous Swedes” of whom you perhaps haven’t heard.

Today we present one of those Swedes: considered a cultural legend here, songwriter Evert Taube was a man who weaved together different eras, and different places. His songs combined traditions ranging from medieval trubadours to songs from Latin America. A summer without Taube’s songs, is indeed no Swedish summer at all.

And there are so many that everyone can find a favorite. Radio Sweden’s Juan Navas has more:

And there’s yet more music in today’s programme, as we make a return visit to one of the 10,000 islands of the Stockholm archipelago – not just in search of sailboats, seagulls and swans, but also some summer music, best played out-doors.

This time, Radio Sweden’s Bill Schiller takes us to the water-front pub on the island of Runmarö for a lively performance by veteran Swedish jazz musicians.

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