German tourists are crazy about Swedish moose (elk) - just another cliché Swedes harbour about their neighbours to the south

Radio Sweden Tuesday

Sweden and Germany face each other across the Baltic sea - but now more than a half century after the end of World War 2, Swede’s relationship with their Teutonic neighbour is still complicated by history

It’s been controversial for years - but now the government has tabled a concrete proposal to make it easier for companies to recruit directly from outside the country. The unions aren’t happy - we have the details.


We meet a woman in Stockholm who after being forced into one herself as a teenager....helps young girls of immigrant origin escape arranged marriages they don’t want


New labour proposal opens for overseas workers

A radical shake-up of Swedish employment law looks set to be announced, with the centre-right government announcing new rules for migrants who come to Sweden to find work.

Germany and Sweden

A former Swedish ambassador with a passion for Germany has published a book giving his explanation why many Swedes in this once German-loving nation have a cool if not hostile attitude towards that giant to the south. Surprisingly - he places some of the blame on Hollywood...

Arranged Marriage

Tom McAlinden meets a woman in Stockholm who helps girls escape arranged marriages they don’t want, after being forced into one herself as a teenager....

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