Seal Plague and Nasty Mosquitoes

Swedish marine biologists are sounding the warning cry – that the deadly seal plague is moving farther north and past the west coast port of Uddevalla.

The infected seals have lost much weight and get coughing attacks. Biologists say the disease usually starts off the Danish coast and then moves north – but that years can pass with no sign of it at all.

Meanwhile, another northbound advance: two aggressive kinds of mosquitos ...moving into some places in southern Sweden. Both kinds attack even in broad daylight and both leave a painful irritation lasting much longer than from ordinary mosquito bites.

One type seems to be more of a connoisseur – taking a second or two to look for a good place to bite – or rather drill for blood – giving victims a chance to give it a whack.

But the other is much faster – a kind of hit-and-fly – making a get-away before juicy humans can jump.

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