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We say goodbye to Ingmar Bergman.  Sweden’s most famous director died at the age of 89 on Monday.

Also in the programme:

We’ll be reporting on a medical breakthrough: two genes have been identified that Swedish and American scientists believe increase the risk of multiple sclerosis.  

Stockholm Pride is waving the rainbow flag this week!  The main theme: combating the discrimination of homosexuals in the world of sport.  And the capital’s museums are also going “Queer.”

Closing Music: The Magic Flute/TROLLFLÖJTEN  Papagena! Papagena! Papagena! Håkan Hagegård. Conductor: Eric Ericson

Think about your image of Sweden and the Swedes: A dark depressing place where family dramas play out? You might have gotten that image from the films of Ingmar Bergman. The legendary director died Monday at home on the Swedish island of Fårö. Azariah Kiros talked to Astrid Söderbergh-Widding, chairperson of the Ingmar Bergman Foundation - and asked her how she received the news:

Swedish and American researchers are claiming a major breakthrough in understanding the causes of the debilitating disease of the central nervous system, Multiple Sclerosis. In separate studies, they each say they have linked a single gene to the presence of MS. George Wood has more:

The annual Stockholm Pride festival has started – with seminars, art exhibits, performances, ”queer” tours of several museums, boat trips, films and much more – all with the aim of highlighting the lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans community. Radio Sweden’s Bill Schiller is on the scene:

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