Call to Ban Religious Schools

Swedish Minister for Schools Jan Björklund is demanding that religious sects not be allowed to open schools here, and is asking for a change in the law to prevent them from doing so.

Björklund told Swedish Television that he does ”not think religious sects, whether they be Muslim or Christian, should be able to operate independent schools” in this country.

The Minister, who is taking over the leadership of the Liberal Party, has support on the issue from the opposition Social Democrats. Social Democrat Michael Damberg says his party will present a proposal in the fall to make it more difficult to both start and operate religious independent schools.

Damberg added that he hoped he could get the majority of parliament behind the proposal.

However, the Christian Democrats, which together with the Liberals, Conservative Moderates and Center Party, make up the government coalition, do not agree. Christian Democrat Emma Hendriksson says she is not convinced the rules on how to start and operate independent schools need to be changed.

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