Inside Sweden

Could climate change result in fatal heat waves in Sweden?

We take a look at how Swedish weather could be heading for some fundamental changes.

We also hear how the world reacted to news of the death of legendary Swedish film maker Ingmar Bergman.

Then we meet a journalist who spent a year in a one of the country’s refugee reception centres, and wrote a book about her experiences.

Closing music: Bo Kaspers Orkester, ”Lycka Till”

There is a general consensus among scientists that ongoing climate change will result in increased temperatures. Just as it has been witnessed in central and southern Europe, this could lead to severe heat waves which could cause deaths in Sweden. That is the conclusion of a study by Umeå University. Azariah Kiros takes up the story:

A journalist at a provincial Swedish newspaper has recently published a book about her spending a year living with refugees at one of the country’s refugee centres in southern Sweden. A book describing both joy and despair.

Radio Sweden’s Bill Schiller reports.

Grunden i vår journalistik är trovärdighet och opartiskhet. Sveriges Radio är oberoende i förhållande till politiska, religiösa, ekonomiska, offentliga och privata särintressen.
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