Stasi Informants in Sweden?

It’s been alleged that the East German secret police Stasi had informants in Sweden during the Cold War.

Journalist Björn Cederberg tells Swedish Radio News that SÄPO – The Security Service Branch of the Swedish Police – has a list of around 900 names of people who were either working for Stasi or who the East Germans wanted to use as informants. And he wants the names to be made public in order to demystify the espionage claims.

While SÄPO earlier Wednesday had denied the existence of any such list, they now say that it’s only up to 50 people who worked for Stasi, or at least were on Stasi’s wishlist.

Anders Thornberg, Head of information at SÄPO says it lies within the authority of SÄPO to decide whether to publish the names or not, but he stresses that the Swedish Intelligence Service has to follow the official secrets legislation.

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