Promising New Anti-Doping Test

Swedish researchers have announced the discovery of a new method to test for blood doping, which they say could be ready for the Olympic Games in Beijing next year.

Under the new method, test results are available within one hour, instead of 3 days, as with the current system. This new method is also more sensitive and better in detecting the blood doping substance epo.

It has been developed by a research team at the Doping Laboratory in the Stockholm suburb of Huddinge.

The laboratory’s head, Mats Garle, wants a system to be set up where each athlete’s blood profile is recorded and if there’s too much deviation from a profile that athlete would be suspended. However, this approach is not yet accepted by the WADA, the world anti-doping agency.

Later this year, Swedish doping expert Arne Ljungqvist is to be chosen as WADA vice president and he also believes that individual blood profiles are better suited in finding athletes who cheat by blood doping.

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