Loneliness Affects Young Women

Young women suffer most from loneliness, according to a report from the Swedish National Institute of Public Health.

The institute says young women run a higher risk of suffering from anxiety and psychological illnesses. In the survey, more than 73,000 Swedes were asked about their social activities and how many friends and relatives they have.

Per Carlson, a researcher at the Swedish National Institute of Public Health, told Swedish Radio news that young women are not more lonely than other groups, it’s just that they are the ones who suffer more serious psychological illnesses from being alone, compared, for example, with older men.

In the group of young women between the ages of 16 and 20, every third woman says she has some type of anxiety, depression or worry. Only one in six young men reported the same problem and in the age group of men over 65 years old, only one in ten were suffering from psychological illnesses.

The worst affected are women with poor finances and who have immigrated to Sweden from outside Europe. Those who seem to feel really well are older Swedish-born men with a good income.

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