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Swedish artist Lars Vilks
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Radio Sweden Monday

Swedish artist Lars Vilks and the chief editor of a newspaper have been living under a death threat since the weekend.  An Iraq-based Islamic group has put a price on their heads.

We’ll also be looking back - the new government - one year on. Thumbs up or thumbs down?

Then stay tuned for the Black Pimpernel.

Closing Music: Lars Winnerbäck/Miss Li, ”Om Du Lämnade Mig Nu”

The call by an Iraqi organisation with links to Al-Qaida to murder a Swedish artist and the Editor-in-Chef of a provincial newspaper is still topping the headlines here in Sweden. The call came in the wake of the artist’s drawing of the Prophet Mohammed as a dog-like figurine decorating a traffic roundabout. Azariah Kiros takes up the story:

Today marks one year since Sweden’s center-right Alliance narrowly won in the general elections, bringing an end to the Social Democrats’ largely unbroken time in government since the Second World War. Mark Cummins tells us more about the government’s first year:

A new Swedish film transports us to the military coup in Chile and the almost forgotten heroics of one man - the Swedish ambassador in Santigo. He not only saved many lives as soldiers hunted and murdered supporters of the socialist regime, but also helped open the doors to Sweden which gave asylum to thousands fleeing from the military junta. Bill Schiller meets the film’s producers and directors:

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