Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt at the opening of parliament

New Parliamentary Session Opens

The Swedish Parliament opened today, marking the beginning of the second year of the of the current center-right coalition government.

Much less ceremonial than the British opening of parliament for example, MP’s do still turn out in their best clothes though, as the King and Queen attend the one chamber building in the heart of Stockholm.

But the government has already leaked plenty of details about this week’s main political event, the unveiling of the autumn budget, and tax cuts look like being at top of the agenda. In a newspaper article in the daily ”Dagens Nyheter”, the government says it is going to propose cutting income tax by a total of 1.6 billion US Dollars. The move is the second phase of its tax cutting plans.

The four-party ruling coalition already slashed income taxes by around 6.8 billion US dollars in its first budget last year. The four party leaders said the income tax cut is aimed at creating more jobs, and that they hoped it would particularly benefit low and middle income earners.

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