Göran Persson, consultant

Criticism of Persson’s Income

Former Swedish Social Democratic Prime Minster Göran Persson has been criticised after reports that he has been claiming the full financial benefits paid to ex-ministers – despite his high income as a private consulatant.

Persson claims his consultant fees have been paid to his company and that he does not receive a salary. This, he says, should not diminish his benefits as is the usual case when new empoyment is found.

Leading members of the Social Democratic party are openly critical of what they call a deviation from the party’s respect for the careful use of public funds.

There are other reports that several other former Social Democratic ministers are also maintaining that they have no other real income – and have been receiving their full ex-minister benefits for the year since they lost their political jobs.

Previously critics sharply condemned the ex-prime minister for taking lucrative work in private industry – saying this was not good for the image of a party supposed to be allied with the working class – and a party trying to get back into power after losing the last elections to a center-right government coalition.

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