Criticism of Sweden’s Thai Tuna Suppliers

Conditions at the factories in Thailand that send canned tuna fish to Sweden are very poor, according to the Fair Trade Center organisation and the consumer magazine ”Råd och Rön”.

They have been interviewing workers at three fish factories in Thailand where Swedish food retailers, companies and supermarkets buy their tuna.

The complaints include low salaries, long working hours, compulsory overtime and discrimination, despite some of the Swedish companies having agreed to ethical working codes towards their business partners and suppliers.

The Thai workers say their salaries are below level in the minimum wages agreement, they have seen discrimination against guest workers from Burma, and they have to work 6 days a week for more than ten hours a day.

Henrik Lindholm from the Fair Trade Center told the TT news agency that is surprising that 4 out of 7 Swedish companies importing tuna from Thailand have not agreed to run their business under the codes involving salaries, working hours and UN regulations for worker’s rights.

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