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Inside Sweden

Demonstrations in Stockholm to protest the military crackdown in Burma.

Why is it harder for people living in Sweden with roots in other countries to get a loan from a bank?

Are you a bookworm? Well if you are, why aren’t you in Gothenburg right now? The city’s annual bookfair has just started, attracting booklovers from near and far, and we’ll be paying a visit in today’s program.

Closing music: Lars Winnerbäck & Miss Li ”Om du lämnade mig nu”

Almost one sixth of Sweden’s population of 9 million are either born outside the country or are the children of foreign-born parents. A number of studies have shown that it’s much tougher for them to up the social and economic ladder than it is for the rest of society. One of the major hurdles is getting loan from the bank. Azariah Kiros talked about the problem with Peter Kempinsky, of the Forum for Business Administration:

The Gothenburg Book Fair has opened. The biggest event of its kind in the Nordic region, the fair also has a very international feel, it’s not just Strindberg, Selma Lagerlöf or Henning Mankell. Radio Sweden’s very own bookworm Bill Schiller is there:

Grunden i vår journalistik är trovärdighet och opartiskhet. Sveriges Radio är oberoende i förhållande till politiska, religiösa, ekonomiska, offentliga och privata särintressen.
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