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Electropop with BWO

Radio Sweden Wednesday

In today’s program, we take a look at the continuing criticism over corruption and misused funds in Swedish development assistance projects in Africa.

We’ll also check out a revolutionary ground saftey system being tested at Stockholm’s international airport with the aim of saving lives at airports all over the world.

And we’ll meet a highly successful Swedish electro-pop music group with an international career.

Closing music:  Per Tjernberg, INSIDE INFORMATION

Government auditors have uncovered evidence of corruption and misused funds in Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) projects in Africa.

The rapid expansion of air travel has squeezed ever more aircraft onto the world’s runways, with near-misses on the ground a daily occurrence in major airports – and some serious accidents resulting in loss of life.

A revolutionary new Swedish system aims to dramatically reduce the risk of such incidents. Radio Sweden’s Nick Chipperfield reports from Sweden’s busiest international airport,Arlanda – 40 kilometres north of Stockholm – where the new system is being tested.

What does a pack of cards; a French philosopher and the destiny of love have to do with one of Sweden’s most popular bands? We turn to electropop music now as Gaby Katz asks BWO, what’s in a name?

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