Radio Sweden Thursday

The big story here today is the awarding of the Nobel Prize in Literature to Doris Lessing. The announcement was made by Horace Engdahl, Permanent Secretary of the Swedish Academy:

Bill Schiller talked to Annelie Dufva of Swedish Radio’s Arts Department about the choice of Doris Lessing:

Also in today’s program: Concern over Swedes of Palestinian origin who are trapped in Gaza.

Then,  “Re-thinking Africa”, the Swedish government is reviewing its policies, reflecting confidence that African initiatives can solve African problems.

Closing Music: ”Hello Africa” by Dr. Alban

A number of Swedish citizens of Palestinian origin are trapped in Gaza, with one exit sealed following the fighting between Hamas and Fatah, the other by the Israelis. Gaby Katz has more:

New developments and many changes in Africa have prompted the Swedish government to review its policies for the continent. Azariah Kiros reports on preparations in the Foreign Ministry on a new white paper the government intends to adopt fairly soon: