Lessing wins Nobel Prize

British writer Doris Lessing has won the 2007 Nobel Prize for Literature. The Swedish Academy’s motivation called her ”an epicist of the female experience, who with scepticism, fire and visionary power has subjected a divided civilisation to scrutiny”.

Doris Lessing, who turns 88 next week, has written over 60 books, plays and poems and is seen by many as a pioneer in feminist literature.

Lessing says she is thrilled at the award. ”I’ve won all the prizes in Europe, every bloody one” she told reporters. ”I’m delighted to win them all, the whole lot, it’s a Royal Flush”

She added she was once told by someone close to the Nobel Committee at a formal banquet in Sweden that she would never win. ”Can you imagine the cheek? I hope their manners have changed” she added.