Stefan Fölster, chief economist at the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise

One in three cheat on welfare or at work

Over a third of Swedes cheat on benefit claims or at work, that’s the finding of the latest in a series of surveys into the habits of those claiming state benefits here.

The report’s two authors, one the chief economist at the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, claim more than one in three Swedes cheat Sweden’s comparatively generous welfare system in different ways.

Common abuses include lying about one’s health and working without declaring income to tax authorities.

One thousand two hundred and fifty-seven people were asked about their views on cheating and using the state benefit system, and exploiting contacts working in tax and benefit agencies.

Thirty-six percent of those surveyed said they had bought undeclared services or had run private errands on work time.

Sixteen percent said they had cheated on unemployment and health benefits.

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