Inside Sweden

EU leaders agree on the new Treaty of Lisbon, Swedish Prime Minister says it’s a good deal and doesn’t need a referendum.

Since the expansion of the EU several years ago, citizens of the new member states are now allowed to live and work here, we meet two Poles who have made Sweden their home.

But what is the attitude to these new migrant workers here? We take a closer look.

Closing Music: Patrik Isaksson & Sarah Dawn Finer ”Du som tog mitt hjärta”

Sweden and the other members of the European Union have reached agreement on a new treaty after long negotiations and compromises right on into the early morning. Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt says he is pleased with the deal which replaces the controversial draft EU constitution torpedoed earlier by some EU members.

More and more Poles are moving to Sweden. When Poland and other Eastern European countries joined the European Union a couple of years back, Sweden opened its doors to all the new EU citizens. By 2006, Poland had become the second biggest source of immigrants to Sweden.

As the European Union continues to expand and stretch its borders, Sweden stands among the few countries keeping its doors open for migrant workers. But what’s the feeling within the country, where the topic of unemployment and migrant workers has been hotly debated? Another chance to hear part two of our mini-series on the new citizens of Sweden.

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