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The headquarters of the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium.
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How did I miss that? Ericsson Chief Executive Carl-Henric Svanberg.
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JAS 39 Gripen

Radio Sweden Saturday

In today’s programme:

TREATY FIXED: European Union leaders have managed to agree on a new treaty intended to end the two-year crisis in the Union following the rejection of a proposed constitution by citizens in two member states two years ago.  But what does the new treaty mean in practice and how will it be received by citzens?

ARMS DEAL: Sweden may be on its way to clinch a major arms deal with Thailand. The Thai air force has opted for the Swedish fighter plane JAS 39 Gripen in competition with American and Russian bids. The Thai announcement may have be seen as more than a welcome news by the Swedish plane manufacturers SAAB, but it has also led to a controversy over the wisdom of selling arms to a military dictatorship.

ERICSSON PLUMMETS: Shares in Swedish telecoms equipment manufacturer, Ericsson, continued to drift lower at the end of the week after the company issued a profit warning that shocked the market.  Analysts and the media say there is now a crisis of confidence in Ericsson.

Those stories and more ...

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