Radio Sweden Tuesday

We’ll be looking at the brand new memoirs of a former Swedish Social Democratic Prime Minister.

And more jobs for immigrants in Sweden in the tough-to-break-into labour market.

We’ll also be visiting Stockholm’s annual chocolate festival ...

... and hear some renaissance music from a Japanese Lute player in love with Sweden.

Closing Music: Ryosuke Sakamoto  SÅ SOM STJÄRNAN

Sweden’s former prime minister and Social Democratic party leader Göran Persson has published his memoirs. Persson explains why he remained longer in office than intended until the voters ousted him in favor of the present center-right government coalition in the last elections. Azariah Kiros has this story:  

If you’re an immigrant in Sweden, the job market is looking bright but is it bright enough?  The Swedish labour market board - AMS - recently released a report that said new arrivals to Sweden have had the biggest drop in unemployment when compared to all other categories. But as Gaby Katz reports - there’s still a gap.

Stockholm’s Nordic Museum located on a downtown island not far from broadcasting house is dedicated to folklore and preserving popular culture. Recently it was once again the home of Stockholm’s annual Chocolate Festival. Radio Sweden’s George Wood has been munching his way through this assignment to file this report from the festival: