Radio Sweden Thursday

In today’s program, we bring you more news and voices from Sweden – including a clash of opinions over whether feminism is oppressing men in this Nordic nation.

We’ll also continue with the last of our two-part series on prostitution in Sweden. 

Closing Music: Malin Foxdal, Jag längtade

Are Swedish women conducting their campaign for equal opportunities at the expense of men? That has not only been given an emphatic ”yes” in a new book but the author claims that Swedish men are the victims of outright discrimination. Azariah Kiros has the story:

Sweden is the only country in the world where it’s a criminal offence to buy sex, but not to sell it. In the second and final part on Sweden’s unique law on prositution, Dave Russell looks at whether the law has been seen as success and why 8 years on, it continues to divide opinion: