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In today’s Inside Sweden:
Sweden has hundreds of different institutes, but what do they do? We take a closer look at one of them.

There are over 2 million kids in Sweden, many of them have their roots in other countries. What’s it like growing up in Sweden?

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There are literally hundreds of different institutes here in Sweden. Many carrying out research far from the media spotlight, but having wide-reaching influence on government policy.

One of these institutes is the Nordic African Institute in Uppsala. It was set up at the height of the decolonisation process in Africa in the 1960s. The Institute has been carrying out research on Africa-related issues ever since.

Bill Schiller found out more about the organisation from Susanne Linderos, their head of information, at the Gothenburg Book Fair.

Time to listen out for the pitter-patter of tiny feet. Another chance to hear Radio Sweden’s mini-series as Gaby Katz looks at the challenges faced by children of foreign origin. There are almost two million children in Sweden and 14% of them have foreign backgrounds.

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