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Ulrica Schenström and PM Fredrik Reinfeldt Face the Latest Scandal
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State Secretary Ulrica Schenström and PM Fredrik Reinfeldt
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Radio Sweden Thursday

The latest government scandal: a drink, a kiss and fraternising with the press puts the Prime Minister’s right hand woman in the hot seat.

As breast cancer awareness month ended, women here were faced with the news that their therapy might have been compromised by herbal remedies.

And how can the climate affect what’s on your plate? An international seminar calls for urgent action.

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Another political scandal has shaken the Swedish government. Conservative Moderate Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt saw the resignation of his state secretary, Ulrica Schenström. With a story right out of the tabloids, a week-long controversy was sparked by a photo of Schenström sharing a drink in a bar with a male journalist. The first criticism over blending alcohol, politics and journalism quickly escalated into angry demands across party lines to release information on whether or not Schenström was on call that night for matters of national security. Joining our own Bill Schiller in the studio, Mats Eriksson from Swedish Radio News.

Women who suffer from breast cancer should avoid taking herbal products. According to a Swedish study herbal remedies can make the therapy more difficult. George Wood has the story.

What impact will climate change have on food supply in the world? A devastating effect unless urgent measures are concluded a recent international seminar here in Stockholm. Azariah Kiros examines the issue.

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