Top Civil Servant Quits

Sweden’s most important civil servant, and Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt’s closest advisor, Ulrica Schenström, has quit following a week of news headlines.

Schenström was photoed by the paparazzi at a pub drinking with a tv-reporter, and questions were soon raised whether she was drinking on the job.

Part of Schenström’s job was to call in the government in case of an emergency, and opposition leaders and the media have repeatedly asked Prime Minister Reinfeldt if she was on duty on the night of the pub visit. Something he initially refused to reveal, claiming that who is in charge of the government’s emergency procedures is a state secret.

But overnight the pressure grew too much for the civil servant, who threw in the towel.

Speaking at Prime Minister’s Question Time in parliament Reinfeldt says that Schenström was one of those on duty that night. He added that her resignation was a personal tragedy, not just for her, but for him as well.

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