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Readers have a love-hate relationship with Karlsson on the Roof
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Astrid Lindgren shortly before her death in 2002.
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Six-year old Alice celebrating Pippi Longstocking's birthday on 13 August at the Skansen open air museum.

Radio Sweden Thursday

This year Sweden celebrates the centennial of one of this Scandinavian nation’s most popular authors, the children’s book writer Astrid Lindgren, loved and admired not only in her country but also by children around the world.

Children exposed to her books know that Pippi Longstocking is the strongest girl in the world, and that Emil may be mischievous but is kind-hearted. 

Adults experience Springtime in Noisy Village as too good and too loving to be realistic but ask children and they will tell you how much they love the story simply because it reflects their dreams and hopes. And Ronja the Robber’s Daughter may have a tyrannical father but she would be the first to admit that deep at heart he is warm and loving.   

And these are but only a handful of stories written by Sweden’s Astrid Lindgren who is being celebrated in her country and around the world on her Centennial. Radio Sweden brings you an Astrid Lindgren Centennial Special, including analysis of some of her books, what Swedes think of their childhood’s most favourite writer and Astrid Lindgren’s own thoughts about her work.


Closing Music: Pippi Långstrump, Inger Nilsson

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