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The leaders of the four center-right parties which won last year's election and are now governing the country
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A group of demonstrators in Stockholm during last week's U.N Climate Change Conference in Bali.

Radio Sweden Saturday

We’ve heard so much about climate change that some have started questioning whether the planet is really as threatened as the scientists would have us believe. And in some quarters there is talk of climate fatigue. But are the threats climate change can bring with it being blown out of proportion?
There are already signs of the magnitude of the disastrous effects climate change will have as a direct result of man’s action or inaction. We look at the problems we confront and ways to tackle them.

On Election Day in September 2006 Swedes decided to say farewell to the socialist grouping led by the biggest party in the country, the Social Democrats and opted instead for the opposition grouping, the Alliance for Sweden. The Alliance, which consists of four centre-right parties, created what has been described as the most coherent opposition grouping in Swedish political history. The coalition has now ruled Sweden for over a year. How has it fared in its first year in government? We discuss the issue with two leading editorial commentators.


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