Osteoporosis Fears for Men

Osteoporosis is not just a problem for older women but can also hit men.

A Swedish study of 3000 men aged 69 to 80, revealed the highest risk group to be men that smoke.

The trend has been overlooked before due to previous studies having focused mainly on osteoporosis in women says Dan Mellström, a professor in genetics from Sahlgrenska University in Gothenburg.

Although it has been known for some time that men who smoke have an 80 percent higher risk of getting compression fractures, this latest study reveals 80 percent of the same group are actually also at risk of obtaining all types of fracture.

Hip fractures are the most common and dangerous injuries sustained as around 30 percent of patients die within a year of the break.

The study is part of an on-going international investigation to raise awareness in hospitals of men’s susceptibility to the disease.