Anonymous CVs Reduce Discrimination

Do anonymous job applications combat employment discrimination?

A new survey from the Institute for Labour Market Policy Evaluation here in Sweden has found that withholding gender and ethnicity details in the initial stages of the job application process can increase chances of getting through to the second round.

In the study carried out in Gothenburg, 3,500 anonymous applications were sent out to more that 100 jobs.

Both women and people from a non-Western origin found that their chances of advancing at the interview stage were increased when gender and ethnicity information was withheld. Women meanwhile also had a higher probability of actually being offered the job.

Anonymity does not always have a positive affect for those with a different ethnic background who were born and employed abroad. Problems arise due to the lack of information on where they were educated and where they have previously worked.

The study concluded that the anonymous applications procedure can be used in at least the first stage of the hiring process.