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This year's final will be held in Globen
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Amy Diamond will sing in Gothenburg
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Johnson & Häggkvist
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3rd time lucky for Linda Bengtzing?
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Melodifestivalen 2008

Since 2002 the Melodifestival has had the same format. It consists of 4 semi-finals, with 8 songs in each contest, 32 songs in total.
The top 2 songs at the end of the show go straight to the final. The songs that end up in 3rd and 4th places go to the ”Second Chance” contest, and the top 2 songs there also make it to the final, meaning that a total of 10 songs compete in the grand final.

The 4 semi-finals are spread out across the country, with competitions in the north, east, west and south of Sweden. The final, as usual, is held in Sweden’s biggest indoor arena, Globen in Stockholm. The 12 000 tickets sold out within 15 minutes when put on sale.

Here is a quick look at the participants in the semi finals:

Semi 1, Gothenburg, 9th February.

  1. E-Type & The Poodles ”Line of Fire” (Qualified to Andra Chansen)
  2. Face-84 ”Alla gamla x”(All the old Exes)
  3. Velvet ”Deja Vû”
  4. Brandur ”Lullaby”
  5. Michael Michailoff ”That’s Love”
  6. Amy Diamond ”Thank You” (Qualified to the final)
  7. Suzzie Tapper ”Visst finns mirakel”(Of course there are miracles) (Qualified to Andra Chansen)
  8. Christer Sjögren ”I Love Europe” (Qualified to the final)

Good to know: E-Type is one of Sweden’s most famous Eurotechno artists, this year he teams up with rock act The Poodles. Velvet has been a backing singer in many Melodifestivals, she debuted as a solo artist in 2006 with a song which then went on to be a big hit in Israel and Bulgaria. Brandur is originally from the Faroe Islands. Amy Diamond is the youngest competitor in this year’s contest, she had her first hit as a 13 year old with the song ”What’s in It for Me”, and she is half-British. Christer Sjögren is a veteran in the ”danceband” genre, he has sung in the band Vikingarna for decades.

Semi 2, Västerås, 15th February.

  1. Ola ”Love in Stereo” (Qualified to Andra Chansen)
  2. Lasse Lindh ”Du behöver aldrig mer vara rädd”(You will never have to be scared again)
  3. The Nicole ”Razborka”
  4. Alexander Schöld ”Den första svalan”(The first swallow)
  5. Rongedal ”Just A Minute” (Qualified to the Final)
  6. Sanna Nielsen ”Empty Room” (Qualified to the Final)
  7. Andra Generationen ”Kebabpizza Slivovitza”
  8. Johnson & Häggkvist ”One Love” (Qualified to Andra Chansen)

Good to know: Ola had his breakthrough in the Swedish version of Pop Idol, his biggest hit to date is a song called ”Natalie”. Lasse Lindh is a singer-songwriter who has had a few radiohits. Sanna Nielsen is taking part in MF for the 4th time, for the first time with a song in English. Andra Generation are from Gothenburg and most of the band have their roots in Macedonia. Johnson & Häggkvist are Andreas Johnson and Carola Häggkvist. Andreas had a major world hit a few years back with the song ”Glorious” and he came second in the MF last year. Carola is one of Sweden’s most famous singers and has won MF 3 times, 1983, 1991 and 2006. She won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1991.

Semi 3, Linköping, 23rd February.

  1. BWO ”Lay Your Love On Me” (Qualified to the Final)
  2. Mickey Huskic ”Izdajice”(Deceit)
  3. Frida feat. Headline ”Upp o. Hoppa”(Get up and jump) (Qualified to the Final)
  4. Thérèse Andersson ”When You Need Me” (Qualified to Andra Chansen)
  5. Patrik Isaksson & Bandet ”Under mitt tunna skinn”(Under my thin skin)
  6. Caracola ”Smiling In Love” (Qualified to Andra Chansen)
  7. Ainbusk ”Jag saknar dig ibland”(I miss you sometimes)
  8. Eskobar ”Halleluja New World”

Good to know: BWO have had major success in many parts of Europe, and are currently trying to breakthrough in the UK, they came 2nd in MF 2006. Mickey Huskic will sing the first ever MF-entry in Bosnian. Frida had a big hit last summer with ”Dunka mig gul och blå”. Thérèse Andersson is currently playing in the musical My Fair Lady in Gothenburg, and is also a member of the band Pay-TV. Ainbusk are 4 sisters from Gotland who have previously worked with Benny from Abba. Eskobar are an indiepop band who have had major success abroad.

Semi 4, Karlskrona, 1st March.

  1. Niklas Strömstedt ”För många ord om kärlek”(Too many words about love)
  2. Calaisa ”If I Could”
  3. Daniel Mitsogiannis ”Pame (Πάμε)”(Come)
  4. Linda Bengtzing ”Hur svårt kan det va?”(How difficult can it be?) (Qualified to the Final)
  5. Nordman ”I lågornas sken”(In the glow of the flames) (Qualified to Andra Chansen)
  6. Sibel ”That Is Where I’ll Go” (Qualified to Andra Chansen)
  7. Fronda ”Ingen mår så bra som jag”(No-one feels as good as me)
  8. Charlotte Perrelli ”Hero” (Qualified to the Final)

Good to know: Niklas Strömstedt was one of Sweden’s most popular singers in the late 80’s, early 90’s. Linda Bengtzing is competing in her 3rd MF, both her previous entries made the finals and became big hits. Nordman mix rock and folk music, their song this year is about medieval witch-burning. Fronda is a rapper/hip-hop artist from Västerås. Charlotte Perelli won the Melodifestival and the Eurovision Song Contest back in 1999.

The Second Chance contest will be held in Kiruna on the 8th March. The songs that came 3rd and 4th in the semis compete here for the last 2 spots in the final. The contest is set up in series of duels’.

E-Type & The Poodles ”Line of Fire”
Sibel ”That Is Where I’ll Go”(To the final)

Ola ”Love in Stereo”
Caracola ”Smiling In Love”

Johnson & Häggkvist ”One Love”
Nordman ”I lågornas sken”(In the glow of the flames)(To the Final)

Suzzie Tapper ”Visst finns mirakel”(Of course there are miracles)
Thérèse Andersson ”When You Need Me”

The Grand Final was held in Stockholm on the 15th of March. The final results were...

1. Charlotte Perrelli ”Hero”
2. Sanna Nielsen ”Empty Room”
3. BWO ”Lay Your Love On Me”
4. Rongedal ”Just A Minute”
5. Linda Bengtzing ”Hur svårt kan det va?”(How difficult can it be?)
6. Nordman ”I lågornas sken”(In the glow of the flames)
7. Sibel ”That Is Where I’ll Go”
8. Amy Diamond ”Thank You”
9. Christer Sjögren ”I Love Europe”
10. Frida feat. Headline ”Upp o. Hoppa”(Get up and jump)

You can watch a recording of the contest via SVT’s homepage, www.svt.se.
Swedish Radio also has a 24/7 radio channel dedicated to the Eurovision and Melodifestivalen during the contest period, it’s called ”P4 Melodifest”. You can listen to it via sverigesradio.se/melodifestivalen.

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