Reinfeldt supports Obama

Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt has given Barack Obama his support in the ongoing American Presidential Election primaries.

Speaking to Swedish journalists, Reinfeldt said he had studied all of the main candidates’ policies, and that Barack Obama was the one closest to his own beliefs.

Reinfeldt said that Obama was going to the polls on a platform of pro-employment and tax reductions for pensioners and workers, just like the Swedish centre-right coalition government. He added however, that both democratic candidates were a bit too protectionist for his liking. When it came to the Republican candidates Reinfeldt said he liked McCain’s attitudes to free trade, but that his planned tax cuts would hit low income earners too hard and increase the US budget deficit, which would also affect the Swedish economy.

Reinfeldt also said that he couldn’t ever have been a politician in the US, they are all in favour of the death penalty and constantly refer to their religious beliefs, he said.

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