EU Discusses Kosovan Independence

Sweden will recognise Kosovan independence after a meeting of the advisory council on foreign affairs on the 4th March with representatives of all of Sweden’s major political parties and the King. That’s the message from Sweden’s Foreign Minister Monday, following a meeting by European Union Foreign Ministers in Brussels.

Following discussions by the ministers, a statement was released, saying it was up to each of the 26 member states to decide if and when they wanted to recognise Kosovan independence. But Bildt said he doesn’t see Kosovo as a fully independent country, but rather a state under the protection of the United Nations.

Earlier Bildt had warned of tense times ahead. Speaking to the media, Bildt says it’s important that diplomatic relations don’t get so cold so that they can’t be be thawed in a few months time. The region needs co-operation he says.

Bildt, who was once EU envoy to the Balkans, says he is also critical as to how the question has been dealt with within the EU, saying that smaller countries like Sweden have been left out of the discussions prior to the declaration in Pristina on Sunday.